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Welcome to 321 Coffee

together we are blending communities

About Us


Who Are We?

321 Coffee is a nonprofit organization. It is a growing coffee shop that operates at different events in the Raleigh area and is staffed by individuals with special needs.

Significance of "321"

"321" is representative of Down Syndrome -- the 3rd copy of the 21st Chromosome. We hope to highlight the uniqueness of those with Down Syndrome, as well as other intellectual and developmental syndromes.

Working Window

We hope to provide a window into the unique world of those with special needs.

Our Mission


Provide fulfilling engagements to persons of intellectual and developmental disabilities

Promote a community identity through a unique customer service environment

Recognize uniqueness of the special needs community and their contributions to society 


Combining the strengths of the
Special Needs Community and
NC State Community

to create something stronger
than what one could do alone


Blending communities inspires customers to integrate with the special needs community and promote societal unity


Matthew Schwab


"I am lucky to have a disability - I have Down Syndrome.

My favorite part [of 321 Coffee] is that the organization allow the community of people with disabilities like me to have something to do that is like what typical people do. 

We are lucky to work with 321 Coffee."

Emma Wissink


"Sometimes I feel like I'm a person trapped inside a person with a disability. And I want a change to show the world about us. 

Sometimes I feel like there are two communities; 'us' and 'them', and I'd like there to be one."

Our Story

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