Meet the Team

It started with a bracelet...

Read the story about how we came together with one common goal

Lindsay Wrege, Chief Executive Officer

Lindsay has dreamed of starting a coffee shop run by special needs individuals because she has personally experienced the impact members of the special needs community can make. Through spending extensive time with this community, they have taught her to not see disability. Lindsay believes 321 Coffee will shape society for the better, and all it will take is a cup of coffee.   

Elise Romola, Chief Operations Officer

Elise's two favorite things are a good cup of coffee and giving back to the community. 321 Coffee gives Elise an opportunity to blend her own passions with her business major to make a positive impact on society. She recognizes the warm, friendly personalities and amazing abilities of the special needs community, and wants to help share that with the world. Sharing a cup of coffee is the first step in creating a lasting connection between people, and she can't wait for 321 Coffee to share a cup with you.

Odai Mansour, Chief Financial Officer

Odai began working with students with disabilities when he joined PALS club in high school. This club gave him the opportunity to form long lasting relationships with students with varying disabilities through time spent in an AU-IV classroom. Odai is unbelievably excited for this opportunity to build more relationships while providing professional experiences. "There is no greater disability in society than the inability to see a person as more." - Robert M. Hensel.

Hannah Cooper, Chief Information Officer

Hannah grew up with parents who were both educators for elementary-aged children with special needs. Her experiences as a child inspired her to become a founding member of the Best Buddies club at her high school, a program that joined with special needs students at another high school to host events and eventually found her school’s first unified sports team. She is thrilled to be a part of 321 Coffee and become more connected with the special needs community in Raleigh!