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About Us

Meet the Directors


Lindsay Wrege, Chief Executive Officer

Lindsay has dreamed of starting a coffee shop run by special needs individuals because she has personally experienced the impact individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities can make. Through spending extensive time with this community, they have taught her to not see disability. Lindsay believes 321 Coffee will shape society for the better, and all it will take is a cup of coffee.   


Nick Wirtz, Chief Operations Officer

Nick has been involved with the IDD community since middle school. From an early age he received opportunities to recognize the abilities of those who are often told they are disabled. He joined 321 Coffee in the hopes of driving the mission of blending different groups of people and highlight the strengths of individuals with developmental disorders. He is excited to see the future impact of these adults in and out of the workplace!


Michael Evans, Chief Financial Officer

Michael was inspired to become part of 321 Coffee because of his mom, who has taught a class in high school for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. He loves working with 321 and having the chance to form friendships with so many new people. Michael has been inspired by seeing the organization grow during his time and is excited for what the future holds for 321! 


Hannah Cooper, General Manager

Hannah grew up with parents who were both educators for elementary-aged children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Her experiences as a child inspired her to become a founding member of the Best Buddies club at her high school, a program that joined with IDD students at another high school to host events and eventually found her school’s first unified sports team. She is thrilled to be a part of 321 Coffee and become more connected with the community in Raleigh!


Liam Dao, Acting Chief Operations Officer

Liam was motivated to join 321 Coffee during his freshman year at NC State University when he heard about the mission of the organization. Since then, he has formed several meaningful relationships, has become a part of the amazing 321 Coffee community, and has thoroughly enjoyed working with everyone he has been able to meet. Prior to working with 321 Coffee, he spent the previous four years working in the food service industry as a sushi and hibachi chef. Liam looks forward to continuing the mission of 321 Coffee and is excited to see the future growth of the organization! 

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